The Vision...

In the Light of the Love of God and His purposes, seeking to reconcile people to themselves, their past and their future

Building Bridges...

Through 16 years of cross-cultural mission in France we have been constantly overwhelmed by the needs of people to find peace, healing and restoration for their broken lives.

Numerous people that we have encountered have looked towards God to bring them into an understanding of their difficult existence and for a solution to their problems. Christians do not always find the right people or resources within their own church fellowships to help settle personal difficulties they experience, and have often found the contact with another outside person or places, the means to finding restoration. Le Pavillon

In today's society of communication and mass media many are afflicted by loneliness and rejection and seek a listening ear with somebody able to accompany them through life's challenges.

Passing time in a different environment can bring changes of direction and restoration to a person that feels trapped by the routine and pressures of life.

The Lord has led us to a vision of a property located in the peace and tranquillity of unspoilt countryside, where a haven could be established that would welcome the broken in heart, spirit and body, who seek rest, relief and restoration.

A place of friendship and acceptance where listening and sharing are a normal way of living.

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